Some More Details


This will be a great time to meet, hangout with, and ride with FREEDOM BIKER CHURCH® brothers and sisters from all over.  Opportunity to hear from all of our pastors and see what our Lord is doing across this nation through us.


There is no cost to register. It simply allows us to prepare for your visit. We do not share/sell your information outside of Freedom Biker Church®. Let us know where you attend on campus drop box. Also let us know if you want us to RESERVE you an event shirt. Just select the PAY LATER option. If you would like to go ahead and pay for the shirt we can do that as well. Select the option that best meets your needs. 


This link is provided for you as a convenience only. If you so choose to use Trivago or any hotel website it is a business transaction between you and the said company. Freedom Biker Church® will have no information of the transaction.

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